About our Coffee

We believe great coffee delivers an enjoyable experience you’ll look forward to it each morning, and not just for the caffeine. It truly is a simple, God-given pleasure that can help you ‘crush’ your day. 

That’s why we only source in-season, single-origin, specialty coffees. We roast to order each Sunday and ship within 48 hours to ensure you get the freshest coffee experience.

Green Coffee (Unroasted)


Our coffee buying philosophy is to work with established, well-respected buyers/importers to source high quality, single origin, in season green coffee beans from various coffee producing countries. Importers such as Genuine Origin, La Bodega, and Mill 47. 

Green coffee is graded on a 100-point scale and according to the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association), any green coffee that scores 80 points or higher is considered "specialty". Orange Cactus Coffee only purchases coffees that score 85 points or higher and often source coffees that score above 90. 

Roasted Coffee

Our coffee roasting philosophy is broken down into four roast categories that we call - The Saguaro, The KingCup, The ChainFruit, and The NightBloom. Each of these roasts is named after a southwest cactus and defines the general flavor profile for the coffees offered within that category. 

Saguaro - Medium Roast
Mild Acidity & Medium Body
Chocolate & Nut Flavors

KingCup - Light Roast
Bright Acidity & Light Body
Floral & Fruit Flavors

ChainFruit - Light Roast
Balanced Acidity & Medium Body
Berry & Chocolate Flavors

NightBloom - Medium Decaf Roast
Balanced Acidity & Medium Body
Chocolate & Fruit Flavors

Current Offerings 

Guatemala Morena - Saguaro 

Colombia Santander - Saguaro

Honduras Aquilino - KingCup

Kenya Thaitu - KingCup

Ethiopia Wenago - ChainFruit

Honduras Pacavita - NightBloom (Decaf)

Our Roaster

We roast on the Aillio Bullet R1. The Bullet is one of the worlds most energy efficient roasters and is currently 100% solar powered. The Bullet utilizes electromagnetic induction technology to deliver efficient and highly responsive heat application. This gives us greater control over the roasting process and ensures better consistency from batch to batch.