Guatemala Morena - Saguaro

The Saguaro Roast
Medium Roast
Mild Acidity & Medium Body 
Chocolate and Nut Flavors

The Flavor
Brown Sugar, Dark Chocolate, Walnuts.

The Coffee
Wet-Processed, 1450 MASL, Variety  

The Origin
From Guatemala Azuvar Morena,
 a micro-lot coffee from three fincas (farms) in Guatemala: San Jose Buenavista, El Bonito, and Joya Grande. Elevation combines with volcanic soil and large, old shade trees to produce an excellent cup that lives up to its name: Azuvar Morena. That’s Spanish for brown sugar.

The Cactus
The Giant Saguaro is native to the Sonoran Desert and is the cactus most people think of when they hear the word. They soak up rainwater and consume it slowly- savoring every last drop. Their bright, white blossom is the state flower of Arizona.