Honduras Pacavita-NightBloom(Decaf)

Honduras Pacavita-NightBloom(Decaf)

Orange Cactus Coffee

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The NightBloom Roast
Medium Decaf Roast 
Bright Acidity & Medium Body
Chocolate and Fruit Flavors

The Flavor
Green Apple, Milk Chocolate, Stone Fruit

The Coffee
Wet-Processed, 1400-1800 Meters ASL, Lempiras/Caturra/Catui

The Origin
Surrounded by the Opalaca and Volcan Pacavita reserves at just under a mile high elevation in western Honduras, the certified organic farms of Silvestre Vasquez and Joel Lopez contributed to this fantastic micro-lot. The coffee plants thrive in rich, clay soil and grow in the shade of Inga trees. These family farmers wet mill the coffee cherries and dry them on patios in perfect climatic conditions. 

The Cactus
Native to the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts, The Night Blooming Cereus is rarely noticed due to its twiggy stems and dead, bush-like appearance. However, on a midsummers night each year it's aromatic, trumpet-shaped flowers take bloom and remain just until dawn.